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Create your Healthy Home

Would you like to create your healthy home? How would you feel if you knew that you were entering a healthy home when you walked through your front door? Would you kick off your shoes and breathe deeply the fresh air in your home? Would you smile and feel your body relaxing?

I’m going to lead you through basic steps to assess and create your healthy home. That means better air quality, better water quality, and reduced exposure to various types of electromagnetic fields. Yes!

My name is May Dooley, and I’ve been helping folk like you to make their homes healthier for close to 20 years in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, DC, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and points beyond, including south to South Carolina.

I’m a former middle school science teacher, and I love to pass on information to empower folk – and often even involve them in the home inspections!

You’d learn to measure WIFI signals, to reduce body voltage at your bed, to use a laser particle counter at your vacuum cleaner, and to take air samples for mold. We work together. I’d be looking for gas leaks, screening for lead paint, taking many surface samples to check for mold, and setting up a microscope and actually checking the samples at your home! You can see what I’m seeing under the microscope on my computer monitor.

And then, of course, I write up easy-to-understand steps for what needs to be done to improve this and that. If you find, as you work through this website, that you want information on an on-site environmental home inspection, do give me a call. -I’ll look forward to hearing from you!